3- What Popes Had To Say


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Ever since the time of the socalled “Enlightenment” and up to the midtwentieth century, Popes warned us with increasingly greater fervor against the enemies of the Church. From Pope Gregory XVI’s Mirari Vos (1832), to Leo XIII’s Humanum Genus (1884), to Pope Pius XI’s Divini Redemptoris (1937), to Pope Pius XII’s Humani Generis (1950), we have been warned that the Church has enemies, and that their errors are spreading. These errors whose roots go back to the Mystery of the “Synagogue of Satan” of the Apocalypse began to germinate during the so-called “Enlightenment” and are summed up by the word “Modernism”.

Called the “synthesis of all heresies” by Pope St. Pius X, Modernism is summarized in the Catholic Encyclopedia thus:

A spirit of complete emancipation, tending to weaken ecclesiastical authority; the emancipation of science, which must traverse every field of investigation without fear of conflict with the Church; the emancipation of the State, which should never be hampered by religious authority; the emancipation of the private conscience whose inspirations must not be overridden by papal definitions or anathemas; the emancipation of the universal conscience, with which the Church should be ever in agreement;

A spirit of movement and change, with an inclination to a sweeping form of evolution such as abhors anything fixed and stationary;

A spirit of reconciliation among all men through the feelings of the heart. Many and varied also are the modernist dreams of an understanding between the different Christian religions, nay, even between religion and a species of atheism, and all on a basis of agreement that must be superior to mere doctrinal differences.

The adherents of these ideas gained more and more power over time, fueled by Masonry and taking on guises as apparently disparate as usurious Capitalism and Communism. Most importantly, the Modernist enemies of Christ have even infiltrated into the human element of the Church itself. Pope St. Pius X warned about this in his 1907 encyclical about Modernism, Pascendi Dominici Gregis:

Of course, a lot of half-hearted “Christians” of all denominations don’t really buy into it either. Put yourself in their shoes. Here’s what you’ve got to believe if you take the Gospel seriously:

   1) There is a God.  2) He created you.

3) Sin lost us paradise and brought on death.

4) You are a sinner, and you are headed to Hell, an eternity of suffering the pain of the loss of God, for whose company you were created (and for no other end) unless you accept the spiritual truth of the Gospel and embrace Jesus Christ as Lord and Redeemer.

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