1. Council Destruction

It is without a doubt that the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and the changes that followed it were responsible for the unprecedented crisis in the Church that still exists today. While Vatican II is viewed by the modernists as “a great time of reform for the Church”, it was really a dark time for the Church, a time that caused confusion amongst those in the Catholic Church and even led some to leave the Church altogether. According to statistics, the number of priests, nuns, baptisms, and Catholic marriages has decreased quite significantly since the days of Vatican II.

So why do I refer to Vatican II as “the Council of Destruction”? It’s quite simple: Vatican II was responsible for the most destructive crisis in Church history. It was the Freemason’s largest ever attack on the Church, it was a council controlled by Satan. Most of Satan’s prior attacks on the Church (such as the Protestant Reformation and the French Revolution) were attacks from the outside. But this time, satan sought to destroy the Church from the inside. It was something that only God could have stopped, but He permitted it for reasons we may not understand.


By Father Francis Fenton

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